Kinnaird Business Week 2018

The Exciting week at Kinnaird with winter blues

By: Maira Babery

So this is the most exciting week of the year at Kinnaird. Many events take place during the year but kbw is something of next level and the biggest event which take place with the winter blues. All the k’cites wait for this week with enthusiasm. Talking about its schedule The 4 day event brings exciting competitions and fun activities! The day 1st is consist of panel discussion opening ceremony and networking session. Day 2 is consist of think blink, two dollar business, scavenger hunt, young entrepreneurs of Kinnaird and motivational workshop. Day 3 is consists of business idea competition, Ad-Mad, speaker session and social night and last but not the least Day 4 brings Kinnaird case study competition, speaker session, and the most amazing and energetic musical night (concert) and  closing ceremony. This is actually one of the biggest event at Kinnaird where most renowned personalities come and give their best wishes at the beginning of the event. Like kbw’18 brings Abrar-ul-haq, Bilal Khan, Syed Noor and many other famous personalities in it. In this event students of Kinnaird showed up their skills and talent by putting stalls in Kinnaird and earn money from it like some students put cooking stalls, mehandi stalls, gaming zones, makeup stalls, and photo taking stalls and much more and they earn from it. Then singing competitions, dancing competitions etc Kinnaird seems like a most happening and fun place during this week. Outsiders also want to become part of this event so they sometimes manage to fool the gatekeepers and enter in the Kinnaird and enjoys the events with their friends. Which is unethical but neglect able for the sake of fun. But the most amazing part is whatever they earn they give it to the council and council give all the money in charity which is something very amazing. Kinnaird business week allows the students from different universities to come and take place in games share their business ideas in competition and win a cash price.

Then there comes a social night which is another amazing part of the kbw where students from different universities come and enjoys the qawali night but the students of Kinnaird itself are not allowed to attend this event until or unless they are not the participants or a council members or in management team. But when it comes to the 4th day which is the closing ceremony of this week so this brings the talented singers inside the floor of Kinnaird. Which is the best part of the week. It brings the biggest singers to Kinnaird and every single girl whether from Kinnaird or outside the Kinnaird is so excited about the announcement of the date of concert.



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