On 27 September 2019, “Kashmir Solidarity Day” is going to be observed by the Federal Government to show solidarity with the people who live in India-occupied Kashmir against the atrocities of the Indian government

Interior Minister issued a notification to celebrate a solidarity day under the theme” Let us save the innocent children of India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir”.

 Ministry of Pakistan has commended Friday, September 27, as Kashmir Solidarity Day for holding public rallies across Pakistan to express their feelings with the public of India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir. However, according to the notification of the Premier Imran Khan, the ministry directed all concerned quarters to plan activities to make the event successful.

The Kashmir Cell of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has suggested scores key messages, together with "I am terrorized; I need food, medicine and care; I want my father back; we want to play too; I deserve a childhood too". It also planned two trends "#Humans of Kashmir" and "#Children under Siege".

PM Imran is planned headed for address the UN General Assembly on the same day. He has already announced to show up the Kashmir issue in his address, exposing the ethical and legal bankruptcy of India’s Aug 5 decision to capture the occupied valley.

Black Day on Oct 27

The federal government will observe black day on 27 October to express solidarity with Kashmiris living in India held Kashmir. The national flag will be hoisted at half-mast throughout the country on the country on the day to comply with the notification issued by the interior minister. The Black Day for Kashmiris on 27 October will be observed every year till the independence of Kashmir. The objective of this day observed on 27 October is meant to drag the attention of the world to the plight of unfortunate Kashmiris living under India’s brutal occupation.



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