Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation organizes Scholarships Holders’ Convention to honor students

Lahore: Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation has organized Scholarships Holders’ Convention to honor the students and their teachers on Sunday. Numerous renowned educational experts, senior journalists, social figures, teachers and students participated in the convention.

Addressing the scholarships holders’ convention Dr. Aijaz Hassan Qureshi, founder and secretary Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation said “Higher education institution should promote the research and focus on the character building of the students. The students who have completed their education should do something for their less privileged areas where they got their earlier education. I myself have studied on scholarship and I can understand the situation of the students.”

Many renowned journalists, social figures, teachers, students and their parents have also addressed the convention on this occasion.

Social worker and educational expert Mr. Ahsan Ullah Waqas presided the convention whereas famous columnist, journalist and anchorperson Mr. Javed Chaudhry was the chief guest of the convention.

Around 400 students, their parents, teachers and heads of the educational institutions from all four provinces of the country as well as Kahmir and GB attended the convention.

“The foundation began with the funds of only ten thousand rupees and now its funds have reached to millions of rupees”, Dr. Qureshi further said.

Chief guest Mr. Javed Chaudhy delivered a lecture on career counseling to better motivate and guide the students.

Many students participated in the convention and presented several educational items like poetry, speech and other works in their regional languages.

The students from 36 medical colleges, 49 universities and various other educational institutions studying in different disciplines like MBBS, D. Pharmacy, MSc, MA, engineering, BS (Hons), Fsc and FA who are getting the scholarship from Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation attended the convocation.

Ayub Sabir Izhaar, Nadeem Shafeeq, Khalid Irshad Soofi, Tayyab Aijz Qureshi, Zulfiqar Rahat, Gul Naokhaiz Akhtar, Shahid Nazeer Chaudhry, Naveed Chaudhry, Nadeem Nazar, Habib Akram, Iftikhar Majaz, Asad Ullah Ghalib and Zabir Saeed Badar also graced the convention with their presence.

Awards and gift were also presented to the guests, senior journalists and columnists by Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation whereas at the end of the convention, appreciation certificates and gifts were distributed among the students as well.

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