IT University in Islamabad delayed

Establishment of an Information Technology University (ITU) in Islamabad on the similar grounds as one established in Lahore seems still a dream. The recent announcement by Supreme Court of Pakistan has allowed one month of time for consultation regarding the withdrawing of investment for the said purpose. A Pakistani – American had taken the initiative of such an establishment but he requested authorities to pull out their investment in his petition as Capital Development Authority (CDA) has not cooperated till date.

The three-member bench headed by Justice Umar Ata Bandial allowed one month of consultation between the authorities and the petitioner so that university can be established. Justice Ata mentioned that it can be established in Murree or any other place as well if not Islamabad. Supreme Court assured him that they will fully support him and want passionate Pakistanis to take such initiatives for the betterment of the country. Session was concluded with a discussion between petitioner’s lawyer and Justice Bandial that if investment is withdrawn, then decision will be made as per law.


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