Islamabad High Court and Private Schools’ Petition

In a response to Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) notification of reduction in school fees by 20%, private schools filed a petition against it at that very court. The decision was treated with anger among the private schools. The petition was heard by the court on the request of private schools as they stressed on their voice to reach the court rooms as well. After completion of hearings, Justice Amer Farooq of IHC issued a two-page judgement which is now declared official statement of the court too.

The judgement ordered that the matter is being sent to Private Education Institutions Regulatory Authority (PIERA) with rejecting the request of suspending fee reduction. Private Schools had expressed their dissatisfaction as they were not being heard earlier so IHC shall involve PEIRA and the notification shall also be made null and void. In order to resolve the dispute and reach a unanimous decision, IHC instructed to Registrar Office for referring the matter to PEIRA. The ball now has entered the court of PEIRA in which a match is going on but at the same time is being observed from outside.

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