Islamabad High Court (IHC) disposes of petition against reopening of Private Schools

Private schools in partnership with one another had filed a petition against government’s decision of opening schools by the mid of September. Petitioners rather demand the opening of schools from the mid of August with major reason being the economic situation of schools getting worst. In reply to the petition, Islamabad High Court (IHC) rejected the petition and asked petitioners to approach the relevant authority rather than knocking the gate of courts. However, a relief was issued to petitioners by a special order issued by Chief Justice of IHC which stated that all schools can resume them on campus activities at least in the capital city.

Chief Justice of IHC stated that courts do not have any legal authority to comment or pass laws on the educational and administrative affairs of the government. Hence, it is the responsibility of sitting government and relevant ministry for ensure safety of staff, students and community at large. Petitioner replied to court that all private schools have been closed since last several months and now this is worsening the overall situation of schools. Further closure of institutes will cause these schools to bankrupt, hence, opening of schools in near time is highly important.

At last, petitioner replied to Chief Justice that they had also filed an application to Private Institutions Educational Regulatory Authority (PIERA) for getting the matter addressed by relevant forum. But such application has gone all in vain because no considerable decision has been taken. On such a reply, Chief Justice IHC again mentioned that rather than seeking individual relief, schools should partner one another and take their matter to Education Ministry or their relevant associations as not only institutes but students are also suffering.

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