International Islamic University conducts an online conference on COVID – 19

International Islamic University (IIU) is among one of the top ranked Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the country and it recently conducted an online conference related to role of universities in corona virus crisis. The conference was held jointly with the cooperation of institutes across the Islamic world including Pakistan, Indonesia, and few Middle Eastern countries.

Conference was aimed to highlight the role that universities and other scientific institutions can play in countering corona virus. The theme of the conference was based on sharing of ideas by all the individuals, in which best practices and programs taken in the countries of participants were shared. It was said that conference will also result in laying out the standard operating procedures for institutions in order to carry out their operations. Certain preventive measures were also recommended in the conference. For managing a paradigm shift of distant learning was also discussed at length. The key highlights of the conference shall be made public by IIU soon, however, there were 30 participants from different countries across the world including Pakistan.

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