International Cross Cultural Communication Conference held in Abu Dhabi

The International Conference held in Abu Dhabi. The symposium was arranged to discuss the issues of Culture and Communication. The Scholars of 22 countries participated in the prestigious event. Pakistan’s Media Scholar and Head of Department of Media and Journalism, COMSAT Prof. Sohail Riaz Raja represented Pakistan in the conference.

All the scholars discussed issues regarding culture, language, challenges to mainstream media, social media and media. The conference included the research papers of the scholars. However, Mr. Sohail Riaz Raja highlighted the history and significance of media in Pakistan. While appreciating the efforts of the administration for organizing the conference he said that such programs are not only helpful in providing research issues but it also is also beneficial in generating healthy relationships amongst various universities of the world.

Moreover, Mr. Sohail portrayed the positive image of Pakistan and discussed the media, culture, and heritage of Pakistan in the light of his expertise. The event concluded with all scholars highlighting the core issue. 

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