Imran Khan Urges Japan to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation in Education

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on Friday urged to Japan government for enhancing Education training. In addition, he expressed the desire to expand bilateral cooperation in all sectors, especially in Education, Human Development, Economics, and trade.

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The Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kazuyuki Nakane was invited to a meeting where Imran Khan emphasized on making a firm relationship between Pakistan and Japan. PM further said that Japan should support Pakistan in the education sector, Science, Technological Cooperation, and Vocational Training.    

Imran Khan also acknowledged the role of economic assistance provided by Japan in social area projects. In fact, Kazuyuki expressed his country’s strong wish to strengthen existing friendly relations between the two countries based on long history of economic and development cooperation, said an official statement.  

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The State Minister of Japan also acknowledged the suggestion that both countries should increase the interaction in all the educational sectors and the economics and trade sectors.

Moreover, Imran Khan invited to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit Pakistan for the purpose of bilateral cooperation.

Subsequently, the Japanese government has agreed to extend the grant assistance of Rs 2.6 Billion to Pakistan for the projects of Education and Human Resource Development. 

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