Imran Khan Disallows Corporal Punishments in Schools

The newly appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has prohibited the corporal punishments given by the school teachers in Pakistan’s educational system. Parents are cheerful and confidence due to the approval gave by the PM of Pakistan.

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Imran Khan has sanctioned the approval to prevent the human violence in the educational system of Pakistan. This sanction will circulate around the public sectors and the private sectors as well. A physical punishment prevents the personality grooming system in children’s psyche.

Moreover, children lose their interest in an academic system due to the physical and mental torture. After giving the approval against physical torture, parents constructed their higher expectations and became optimistic for the academic careers of their children.

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Imran Khan stated at a senate of Prime Minister on Thursday, that education is a significant sphere for the future of Pakistan. He ascribed that the enlargement of education was his ancient dream and now he would want to spread it through the lenient principles. He further added that Pakistan has divided into various classes which only formed due to less education.

Teachers believe that corporal punishment is much significant for students’ career but these punishments turn into their frustrations while exiling through corporal punishments. Round 1000 cases have reported in police stations. 

Fawad Chaudhry also stressed the human violence formed in schools and colleges. In addition, if anyone went against law and order then he or she will be sentenced according to the rules of court.            

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