Hundreds of teachers could not get their salaries for nine months

Due to the incompetence of the District Education Authority Lahore, lack of monitoring, the condition of Insaf After Noon schools has worsened, hundreds of teachers could not be paid salaries from February to October.
Due to the incompetence of District Education Authority Lahore, the condition of Insaf schools has started to deteriorate due to lack of monitoring. Due to the lack of monitoring, the school administration started giving leave to the children hours earlier, while the salaries of hundreds of teachers teaching in Insaaf Afternoon School from February to October could not be released yet.
The number of Insaf Afternoon Schools in Lahore is 108, 643 teachers and 108 class IV employees are posted in the schools. The teachers have demanded the immediate payment of compensation from the Education Minister. According to the Education Authority, the payment of compensation is ongoing, due to lack of funds, the payment was delayed.

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