Huawei Pakistan providing training for students and instructors


The digital divide among the countries can maximize owing to the situation of corona virus in the world. The gaps can be of humungous nature between the developed and developing countries but companies like Huawei Pakistan are contributing positively in such pandemic situation. Huawei is providing a variety of online programs, trainings and certifications through its ICT Academy. The resources are provided online through an open platform and are considered under Huawei’s Academy Development Incentive Fund (ADIF).

Huawei has launched certain international programs including Learn ON program that included experts from UNESCO to suggest ideas of reducing stress during the current global crisis. There were 20 different participants from Pakistan, these participants were from various leading universities of the country. The participants included Deans, Pro-Rectors, Registrars and VCs. The aim of Huawei is to facilitate the communities with continuity of education for students, instructors and general public at large. Huawei Pakistan is planning to increase its certifications and trainings by 100% in the month of May, 2020.


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