How ATM Skimming Works in Pakistan

ATM Skimming has become the subject of stress and anxiety nowadays. Bank customers have been in trouble for using ATM machines. Bank customers have faced a lot of ATM skimming cases over the past couple of years, which have been the subject of distress in Pakistan. Many cases have reported in Lahore, while no one even focused on these crimes.

ATM skimming is an intolerable cybercrime for the economy of Pakistan. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is ignoring the cybercrimes, while some of the banks introduced an insufficient technology to rescue the cybercrimes for a few months.

Apart from this, several such cases have been reported in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad but no one can address the confidential answer to secure the money. Pakistan’s economy is falling day by day and further is being dissolved in these sorts of crimes.

Senior Journalist and Executive Editor Daily Pakistan, Shahid Nazir Chaudhry discussed the ATM skimming in one of his interviews. He has described all the bugs of hackers, including that our FIA and State Bank of Pakistan did not increase the efficient technology for the protection of customers worth and the economy of Pakistan, while adding that, first we should use chequebooks and if we are not able to use chequebooks then we should hide the pin code under the palm because the hackers attaches a little camera on the panel of ATMs and keep their eyes on the choosing digits. .

He further added that the hackers are able to change the original data of customers and transact the payment through another account. Moreover, Shahid Nazir adding that Banks needs to improve its digital system as it moves toward extraordinary technology adoption.   

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