Higher education institutes must comply with these guidelines

The PHEC  recently held a meeting with all the major committees in order to have a discussion and to come to a conclusion in the wake of the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus. Now they have come to the following conclusions:

  • Colleges must be physically shut own till the 31st May of 2020 but they may continue teaching courses by online means such as a learning management system.

  • The colleges should begin on the web-based teaching and learning process guaranteeing consistency with at least the minimum requirements, the offices and lecturers should be accessible, for example, accessibility of Learning Management System (LMS), utilization of various programming, for example, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Class, Hangouts and of sorts.

  • Universities must also provide the facility of training by the member involved in the web-based method of learning and make sure the access to these facilities to the students to make sure their engagement. The students who were unable to go to the online meetings determined for a course ought to have a chance to get to course material and join advising meetings as indicated by the course teacher through email/WhatsApp.

  • If the pandemic persists until the mid-terms or even the finals, these exams must be taken by the means of web with the tools like quizzes, and assignments.

  • Students must be guided by their teachers in terms of practical work so they may continue their resumption of the academic session.

  • Institutions like UET who have developed LMSs ought to aid institutions with undeveloped LMSs.


In conclusion, the PHEC gathered and came up with, certain guidelines for students and institutions to follow, in order for them to run a well-developed Learning Management System (LMS).


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