Higher Education Commission, Mauritius Will be Structured on the Model of HEC, Pakistan

Higher Education Commission (HEC) moves to enhance the cordial relations with Mauritius via academic linkages. Mauritius is an Island where the literacy rate has 100 percent.

High Commissioner of Mauritius, Mr. Soobadar Rashidally said that Mauritius offers the whole education free from the primary level to the university level. The government of Mauritius State spends eight to 10 percent of GDP on education. The chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof Dr. Tariq Banuri stated, while talking to Mr. Soobadar Rashidally in Pakistan who visited here on Thursday.

Mr. Soobdar Rashidally makes a plan to make another HEC model according to the model of HEC of Pakistan. He further addressed that Mauritius is a member of the Middle-income Club. Mr. Soobdar revealed his aspiration for enhancing cooperation with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and tried further support in the field of I.T and medical studies.    

Dr. Tariq Banuri affirmed to High commissioner for the cooperation on the development of best education between two governments. He further said that HEC will give support postgraduate studies for medical students.

High Commissioner, Mr. Rashidally revealed his best wishes for the further educational developments and desired to be the best infrastructure of both countries education. He admitted the determinative aspiration of HEC of Pakistan     

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