Higher Education Budget kept to a stagnant position

Financial budget was announced on 12th June, 2020 which had 93 Billion rupees dedicated for the education sector. The documents released by the government states that development budget has been kept static without any change. Currently, government has planned 30 new schemes while 112 are in progress under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). Last year, government had set an amount of 29.04 Billion for development schemes and this year, an amount of 29.4 Billion has been allocated. Higher Education Commission (HEC) had requested Education ministry for a budget of 146 Billion but government has allocated only 93 Billion.

 Out of the development expenses, 1200 Million of amount is allocated for Higher Education Development Program of Pakistan (HEDP). 175 Million are marked for collaborations under CPEC Consortium of Universities, 200 Million for Lasbela University of Agriculture, 166 Million for Bacha Khan University, 250 Million for University of Buner, 300 Million each for University of Sahiwal and development of facilities for female students in public sector universities. Besides this, there are many avenues on which federal government will spend directly so that state-of-the-art education can be delivered, however, the overall budget owing to covid-19 has been kept stagnant which doesn’t satisfy the need of education sector.


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