HEC seeks the data of Law Students

Lahore: The Higher Education Commission has asked the universities to provide the data of law students enrolled in their law degree programs. The affiliated law colleges are to provide the information about whether the students have appeared in HEC law admission test.

The law test were held on August 19th, 2018 for the  law students to be able to take admission in Law degree. The HEC has made it compulsory for the students to take LAT test before the admissions and students have to secure at least 50 percent marks in the test in order to be qualified for the Law Degree. It has been informed to the Vice Chancellors and heads of all university through letters by HEC on the orders provided by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Universities are given the deadline of 15 December, 2018 for providing the data of the admissions of law students. HEC conducted the aptitude test in August 2018 however the tests are to be arranged again for the students who have missed it for the first time.

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