HEC Panel to Review CSS Poor Results

The newly appointed Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman Tariq Bunari has said that the poor results of CSS 2017 examination should be dealt as national crisis and a committee will be established to address the poor passing percentage of CSS aspirants.

The CSS result showed a very poor passing percentage in the last year’s exam where only 3.3% of the candidates could pass the exam. Around 7,391aspirants attempted the CSS exam last year out of which only 310 candidates could pass it. The Public Service Commission has recently faced serious criticism from parliamentarians and general public due to a very poor passing percentage in this competitive exam.

HEC is working hard to address this issue, said HEC chairman Tariq Bunari. A press release regarding the issue will be released soon, he further said.

Federal Public Service Commission announced in October 2016 that it would contact and consult all the stake holders including HEC to look into the issue of poor passing percentage of the exam. However, no solid measures were taken by the top recruiting body except taking one exam paper in a day.

HEC is looking the matter seriously and the necessary measures will be taken soon, in order to tackle the problem.

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