HEC Distributes Rs 6.80 bn Under Fee Reimbursement Scheme

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has distributed no less that 6.8 billion rupees among 138,000 under Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme, according to statistics.

The HEC has also prepared a five year plan to extend this programme which is Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme, initiated for the propagation of education for the students belonging to poor families.

One year proposal of 3.14 billion has been sent by the HEC to the Ministry of Finance for approval to help out around 65000 students belonging to backward areas.

The scheme aims at the students belonging to whole of the country including Azad Kashmir and federal area for supporting them in educational expenses.

The scheme has benefitted around 30,000 students of FATA and Baluchistan as well as 20,000 from KPK, 17,500 from Sindh and 50755 from Punjab. 

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