HEC bans 154 institutions across the country

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has declared 154 institutes working in Pakistan from which 3 were working in in the federal capital, 101 in Punjab, 36 in Sindh, 11 in Khyber KPK and 3 in Azad Kashmir.

This crackdown across the country has put the future of in danger which were enrolled in the illegal institutions. The HEC has announced the list of these banned institutions on its official website.

Islamabad Law College, Modern Institute of Informatics and Management and Mohiuddin Islamic University were among the banned institutes which were working in the federal capital.

The main reasons for this mushroom growth of educational institutions are lack of accountability and regulation mechanisms.

This ban not only has put a question mark on the future of enrolled students but also endangered the academic safety of graduates working in their respective fields or studying abroad. Unfortunately, there is no clear stance of the HEC and the institutions about the future of the affected people. 

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