Harvard University Announces Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Harvard University, USA is giving a full-fledged scholarship for the undergraduate and graduate international students. Every individual wants to attend one of the best universities in the world, while Harvard University is the one, which offers the scholarship program for the Pakistanis students. Harvard University secures the highest rank in the US and the 3rd best university in the entire world.

The Harvard University Tuition fee is almost more expensive than the others. It charges $50,000 per year from a student of the graduate program. The domestic students can easily afford while the international student especially Pakistani student cannot attend the University sessions on that circumstances. So, the administration of Harvard University decides to plan the scholarship programs for the Pakistani students. 

This education body decides to craft the financial chains from the poor but intelligent students.  They make different terms and conditions for applying for the full funded scholarships like the student with family income less than $65,000 a year, will get the full-fledged scholarship. On the other hand, 0%-10% will be increased if family income between $65,000- $150,000 a year. If the family annual income will be more than $150,000, then a student will pay more than 10%.

The management of Harvard University only demands application and supplements, $75 application fee, ACT with writing or SAT with writing, Two SAT subject, secondary school report, Mid-year school report, and two teacher evaluations. For the extensive information, they may visit the Harvard Application Process Page.

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