Harassing teacher fired

Islamabad: On Friday, the capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) suspended a college teacher due to harassing the student of Bahria College during recent practical examinations.

Hasnat Qureshi, the Director General Federal Directorate (FDE) told to sources that CADD also ordered the FDE to conduct an inquiry against the teacher under the protection of women against Harassment at workplaces Act 2010 within seven days.   

Many students of the college reported that they had also been harassed by the invigilator at their biology practical.

The underage students reported the alleged harassment by the invigilators to social media, that one was the lecturer at the Federal Postgraduate College, H-9. This complaint had been lodged with the Federal Board of Intermediate and secondary education (FBISE) on May 28. Bahria College Principal Iqbal Javaid stated: the accused that conducted practical examination on 24, 26, and 27 May, sexually harassed a number of students during practical examination and touched their private parts. Students of Bahria College were very worried about their future, so they didn’t report to the examiner while they suggested reporting College administration staff and teachers. Students have been given the application to the management of the college.

“It is requested that strict disciplinary action may please be taken against the sick individual and he be barred from such duties in future. In addition, for future, lady practical examiner may please be given preference for their girl students to avoid recurrence of such incidents”.

In the meanwhile, there were reported that the principal of the college has also been transferred due to the negligence and lose management.  

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