Guinness World Record earned by a Pakistani student


A 9-year old Pakistani student has become the youngest individual on this planet to arrange the chemical elements of a periodic table. Most of the students will be aware of the periodic table which is taught in the subject of Chemistry. The student hails from Lahore and has achieved Guinness World Record by breaking the previously set world record of an Indian Professor. All the entire elements of periodic table were arranged in only 2 minutes and 42 seconds, whereas, the previous Guinness World Record was of 2 minutes and 49 seconds.

Interesting fact is that this record was held by another intellect female from subcontinent, a professor of Economics, Meenakshi Agarwal from India. Natalia Najam is the latest addition into Guinness World Record by making Pakistan proud. She had been practicing this from last 2 years and was now finally ready to make his attempt of achieving the record. While Natalia was arranging the elements of periodic table, judges of Guinness were present through a video link and showed thumbs up at the end of completion. This indicated that she has achieved something of value. As soon as judges showed a positive indication that the previously held record has been broken, student celebrated with huge excitement around her.

Natalia is a young intellect from Lahore, Pakistan and aims to excel her career in the professions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is very much hopeful that other students will also gather motivation from this record. Moreover, the name given to Natalia is “Pakistan’s Young Scientist” and people are now following her on social media. In addition to that, Mr. Hasan Najam, father of Natalia said that entire education of her daughter has been imparted at home with no formal education till date, hence, it is another source of encouragement and inspiration for the youth of Pakistan.

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