Govt takes a historic decision on up-gradation of schools

ANNOUNCEMENT: “For the First time in Punjab, Revolution in Access to Education. More than 27,000 Public Schools are being Upgraded-Primary to Elementary and Elementary to Secondary. This would retain 4,000,000 (Million) children in schools that dropout due to Access issue.”

Murad Raas has announced in a tweet that Govt is going to revolutionize the education system in Pakistan. He said in a press conference that till December 2021 all the education systems in the province will be digitized. Different aspects of school education were discussed at the conference. In answer to the question, Murad Raas has replied that 70 percent of schools in Pakistan are charging less than 5000 fees. During COVID-19 Schools were ordered to reduce school fees but in return, Govt faced permanent closure of the schools because the school administration was unable to meet the school expenses and teacher's salary. Therefore Govt has decided to help the schools and maintain flexible policies for schools in this pandemic. Govt has decided to retain 4,000,000 (million) children back to school.



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