Govt Replies to Plea Against personal Appearance in O and A-Levels Exams

A protest was accelerating on tweeter to cancel O and A-Level exams due to a severe third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the Government has announced the dates for O and A-level examination from 26 May onward. In these exams physical appearance of the students is must. In COVID-19, In-person exams for the students are unacceptable.

All around the world online exams are being conducted whereas Pakistan is the only country where In-perosn exams are taking place. Therefore students have filed a petition against this situation in Sindh High court. They stated that “It is beyond any reasonable person’s comprehension that on one hand, the government deemed it risky and dangerous for students from 1 to 12 grades across the country to either attend physical classes or exams in the ongoing third wave of the COVID-19, but on the other, they did not choose it for thousands of Cambridge students.”

There is a hearing on 22 April (today) in this regard in SHC, where the leader of MQM supported the student’s point of view.



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