Government to strictly monitor all educational institutes on reopening matter

The recent decision of all stakeholders regarding the opening up of educational institutes from 15th September, 2020 has been welcomed by many but at the same time government is ensuring that all basis is covered. There is an immediate need for academic activities to continue because students can either lose an important academic year or institutes can go bankrupt. Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training has suggested that provincial, district and area governments will be made responsible for ensuring the implementation of strict SOPs.

Before approving the opening up of schools, students and their safety will be kept as first priority. SOPs implementation shall be rigorously followed by all educational institutes including the use of face masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing protocols. Speaking to a private news channel, Minister said that teachers are also an important part in this process. A special arrangement will be made in which a minimum number of students will be present in class.

At last, the opening up of schools is dependent on the assessment, evaluation and improvement of situation.

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