Government of Sindh introduced teaching license policy to improve the quality of education

Karachi: To raise the quality of the education sector, the Sindh government has introduced a teaching license policy.
According to the details, the cabinet of Sindh province has approved the new teaching license policy, which aims to attract talented youth to the teaching profession and raise the status of this sector.
These historic reforms aim to give the teaching profession the same quality and respect as other skilled professions, including medicine, accounting, law and engineering.
Those in the teaching sector will not only be required to undergo professional training before taking up jobs, but incentives will also be provided to encourage them to do so.
Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah said that Pakistan ranks 63 out of 64 countries in the trends of international mathematics and science studies. The purpose of the teaching license policy is to bring professional skills to teachers. They have progressed in education.
He said that there will be 3 types of teaching license, these types include primary, elementary and secondary, the license will be given to the new teachers after taking the test, the license will not be lifetime but for 5 years and 5 years After that it will be renewed.
For the new 700 teacher posts, teachers license will be mandatory and they will be recruited in grade 16. According to the Minister of Education, experts from Aga Khan, Durbin and other institutions have helped in making the policy, under the policy, a teacher must have a teaching license for promotion.
Sardar Shah said that this policy will not only set a standard for new teachers but also elevate the teaching profession by aligning it with other prestigious professions.
He added that Sindh is the only province that has approved a teaching license policy which represents a proactive approach to recognize the importance of effective teaching.
He said that this policy will reflect the Sindh government's commitment to invest in education and provide students with the best possible learning experiences. , which will have a positive and lasting impact on the educational landscape of the province.
Under the policy, B.Ed. and M.Ed. have been set as prerequisites for obtaining teachers' professional license. Licensees will be eligible to apply for 16th grade teacher positions and training will be mandatory for promotion to higher grades thereafter.
The Cabinet also approved the appointment of Syed Rasool Bakhsh Shah as the Executive Director of Sindh Teachers Education Development (STEDA).

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