Good news for YouTube users

YouTube has launched a structured program called 'Study Hall' specifically for American students to complete their college education. College credits can now be earned on countless topics within the YouTube app for a fee.
According to the details, this section of YouTube is designed by educational experts i.e. thanks to Study Hall, narrative video, course details and all its essential components are included which show the actual course. In this way, students will be able to get online education credits sitting at home.
Study Hall is a new method designed to make college education easier and less expensive. Thus, post-school education will effectively help complete education for social and economic betterment and thus open doors and remove barriers to higher education. These barriers include expensive college tuition and access.
The study hall will officially start from March 7, after which they will be able to transfer college credits. However, in the first phase, Arizona State University faculty and faculty members have added their subjects, including mathematics, English composition, American history, and human relations.
Interestingly, people from all over the world can join this course and there is no minimum GPA or application requirement. 12 more courses will be added next year. Most courses are free, but there is a $25 fee for coursework.

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