GCU Lahore Makes Mutual Collaboration with Prestigious Italian Varsities

The groundbreaking project of both Schools, including GCU Lahore and Italian Universities, has been approved on Monday, August 27, 2018. In addition, its implementation is going to start in October.

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Government College University (GCU) is considered one of the collaborating Universities from Pakistan. The renowned Italian Professor, Dr. Debora Spini visited on Monday to GCU Lahore on the invitation of the University’s Philosophy Department. In fact, the Italian professor inspected and appreciated the standard education of entire corpus and research programs of GCU.  

Moreover, these two incompatible Schools of thoughts are going to make a mutual collaboration by including Italian varsities such as Pisa, Florence, Syracuse, Rome, and Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies in the field of philosophy.  

The Vice Chancellor of Government College University, Professor Dr. Hassan Amir Shah met with Dr. Debora Spini, the Italian professor of philosophy for the further collaborations of their exchange programs for Students and faculty, collaboration in research programs, course development, and conferences. Consequently, these various collaborated programs will be commenced after the passage of 6 weeks.

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