Food Authority seals 17 school canteens for selling substandard, banned food

In order to put “Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Educational Instructions Food Standards Regulation” into practice, PFA carried out a drive throughout the province in the schools of private as well as public sector.

This drive took place by the collaboration of food safety teams and food safety officers of the area who inspected around 464 canteens. These teams e ensured the ban on carbonated drinks and other banned food items in the schools.

The teams which carried out the drive sealed the canteens of 17 schools out of which 8 are located in Lahore, 5 in Rawalpindi and 4 in Multan zone, said PFA Additional Director General (Operations) Rafia Haider on the matter. The teams also enforced heavy fines to 168 canteens and 279 canteens were served warning notices.

The teams are making sure that no school canteen could sale any banned food item and only green and yellow category things should be sold in the canteen, she further said. Parents should give healthy lunch box to their children instead of canteens’ food, she added.

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