First life-saving drug for Corona Virus found by researchers in UK

Researchers along with Doctors in London gave low dose of a steroid medicine named Dexamethasone. The results were fantastic as death rates were reduced dramatically 70%. These doses were given to critical covid-19 patients. Researchers in UK define it as a major breakthrough. Doctors in United Kingdom have demanded to make it as a standard medicine to be given to patients suffering with corona virus.

One of the Professors of Oxford University has said that this can be a life-saving achievement of researchers and it can save lives of even those patients that are on ventilators. Dexamethasone will not only prove to be helpful in helping the covid-19 patients recover from the disease but will do it at a very low cost. One of the other researchers and fellow investigator said that this steroid was previously used in other diseases to control inflammation. Nevertheless, the only drug which has shown significant results of reducing mortality is dexamethasone. This can help the world in fighting this disease as more than 400,000 people have died globally.


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