Federal Government Schools will be open on Saturdays without any Winter Vacations

The entire academic year of students is on the verge of getting wasted as schools are already closed from last 5 – 6 months. Federal Ministry of Education is about to meet with all major and key stakeholders for making a decision on whether to open the schools or should they remain close for any further duration but it has been made clear that there will be no winter vacations this year for at least government operated schools. In order to minimize and cover the academic loss incurred by covid-19, Saturday will also be a working day for students and staff with elimination of winter vacations for the year of 2020-2021.

A special letter has already been issued to Federal Directorate of Education which has advised them to instruct all the public schools to arrange special classes for students on Saturdays. It has also been stated clearly in the letter that this decision has been taken to cover the academic loss caused by global pandemic. An intention to open the schools has been shown by the government but the final decision rests in the hands of National Command and Control Center (NCOC) led by Asad Umar. The final decision of whether to open the schools or not shall be taken in the meeting scheduled on 7th September, 2020.

Possible dates of reopening all educational institutes is 15th September, 2020 which might be revised or even remain same but a tough decision awaits all. There is another talk of reopening the educational institutes in a phase wise manner so that students and staff influx could be managed effectively with avoiding mass gatherings. Ministry of Education has strictly stated that no educational institute is allowed to start their conventional classes until a final decision is announced. Any such activity shall be dealt strictly as it will be treated as a violation of law. However, the decision of eliminating Saturday holidays and Winter Vacation is for the federal government run educational institutes only till date.

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