Federal Education Minister Announces to Open the Schools for Five Days in a Week

Shafqat Mehmood has tweeted on 25 Feb 2021 to open all schools in the country five days a week.  

Before that schools were open for three days a week due to the severe condition of corona in the country. He has announced that

“From March 1, all schools in the country will return to normal 5-day classes. Due to the corona, the ban on teaching classes in small groups in schools in some major cities is set to expire on February 28.”

 Before that, it was decided to open the schools for half of the students on one day and the rest of the students on the other day. This system is going to end on 28 February 2021. This decision was taken due to an intense second attack of Corona. The schools were open in group strategy. Now the last instructions are abolished by Federal Minister Shafqat Mehmood.

This step can improve the study of the students that was gradually being sub-standard due to corona vacations in the schools.




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