Federal Directorate of Education New Promotion Criteria for School Students

The Federal Directorate of Education Minister has announced new promotion criteria for school students. It is notified that a minimum of 40 % marks are necessary for each subject to get a promotion in the new class. Besides, 75% attendance is also mandatory in each subject.

The student would be declared fail if he is not able to get 40% marks in a specific subject and if the student gets failed in more than two subjects he would be declared entirely fail. This rule is specifically for 1 to 9 classes. This new criterion will be implemented in all 424 federal registered institutions. The notification has been forwarded to FDE-listed institutions and Area Education Officers (AEO).

If a student gets failed in English along with another subject and fails to get 40% marks in these subjects, has to get minimum 15 % marks in these subjects to pass the attempt.


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