Federal Board sets up E – Kachehri

In response to the amid corona virus crisis, the issues of students regarding promotion and improvement cases had gained speed which is not being reduced at all. Even after federal government’s and all provincial governments’ policy statements, issues are still hovering across. In order to resolve these issues raised by the students of Federal Board, it convened a live session with the name of E-Kachehri. Issues were raised by students, parents and other stakeholders.

It was for the first time that students were directly in contact with the board. The streaming was done on official pages at Facebook and Twitter. The key issues of the students included problems related to their internet connectivity for conduct of online classes and promotion complexities without any examination. However, the meeting was concluded by the Federal Board by staying committed to their early statement that all students will be promoted without any examinations but they will try their best for resolving the issues of students.

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