FATA: A place where a student climbs mountain for online class

Amid the spread of corona virus, educational activities took a new way through online classes and now online exams. To many of the institutes it seemed a right way for continuing educational activities so that entire circle of academic and finances can be managed. On the other hand, HEC also advised all universities to do the same. Globally a same trend has been observed in all leading educational environments. However, some of the parts of society were not satisfied at all due to online classes and education going online. At the same time, a student from FATA climbs a mountain on daily basis for studying his classes through the online platform provided by his university.

A 22-year old student from FATA, named Saifullah Abbas Afridi is a student of University of Peshawar and he climbs a mountain so that internet signals can be caught. All the students went back to their native towns due to closure of educational institutes on the account of deadly virus and its fast spread. Saif faces a lot of difficulty while connecting to the internet, hence, he travels to a peak every morning and then takes online class from a mountain. There are many students and even academicians who have protested against online classes due to non-availability of internet. But there are students like Saifullah Abbas Afridi that turn adverse conditions into opportunities.


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