Express Education and Career Expo will be held on 10th- 11th August

The Express Education and Career Expo 2018 will be continued from the second week of August. The seminar will depend only on two days. In this seminar, students would take part in various competitions including participation in singing, fashion show competitions, painting, photography, dance competition, and documentary between different public and private varsities.

It will be held from 10th to 11th August in Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. All these sorts of competitions will be held on a couple of days. This seminar would be proved beneficial for the students’ academics.

“Express Media Group” is carrying the huge platform for the identification of students’ hidden talent in collaboration with Event Management Company.   

The entire “Express Education and Career Expo” will be covered by the team of Careerkarwan. It will be cinematized by the camera of Everyone can check the latest updates of Career Expo and Express Education on this website.    

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