Express Education and Career Expo 2018 Concludes

The Second day of Express Education and Career Expo 2018 commenced at Lahore on Saturday, August 11, 2018.

The groundbreaking seminar consisted of two days. Today was the second and the last day with a lot of innovations. In this seminar, different educational institutes and various multi-national companies were involved to bridge the gaps between the students’ sensibilities. These all had constructed the stalls for attending students and spreading the guidance to the seekers. Various multi-national companies constructed their stalls to hire the confident and intellectual individuals for the profits of their companies.

Many renowned institutions were participated only to direct to the optimistic and confident students for choosing the best field according to their remarkable results and the innovational strategies.  

The Executive Director of Careerkarwan, Khalid Irshad Soofi and his entire team has covered the Express Education and Career Expo 2018 under the lens of the camera.  

In addition, various renowned educational institutions have been participated to direct to the students for their upcoming career opportunities. For this stance, UMT, LUMS, Oxford University, GCU, PU, PGC, UOL, Superior University, Minhaj University, ICMA, IU (IQRA University), VU (Virtual University), Millennium Roots School, and various other have participated for the proposal of career leading.

Express education and Career Expo 2018 has been cinematized under the camera of Everyone may check a lot of photos, videos of interviews, and latest updates of Express Education and Career Expo 2018 on this website.      

It has been closed on the evening of 11th August in Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. Express Education and Career Expo would be proved beneficial for the entire academic of students.  



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