Executive Director, Lahore Arts Council (LAC) Decides To Turn Classes into Degree.

The Executive Director of Lahore Arts Council Atta Muhammad Khan said; there was a massive talent in performing art field in Pakistan. Atta Muhammad Khan heeded a meeting in which the Lahore Arts Council (LAC) is focused on the syllabus of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts and faculty. It is held on Wednesday while Atta Muhammad Khan decided to conduct the course outlines from the music, dance, singing and other class teachers in 15 days. It is compulsory to submit within 15 days.

After the submission, the council would prepare a summary of the faculty needs.    

Students will wear identity cards for the purpose of Alhamra. The executive director of Lahore Arts Council Atta Muhammad Khan said; the classes usually taken as a hobby. It would be turned into diploma and degree courses and the council had signed an agreement with the Punjab University Musicology Department.

These sorts of an agreement would be signed with the other cultural organizations.  Another meeting will be held for the further taking measures of Alhamra where artists, educationists, teachers and the administrative staff of Alhamra will present.

Atta Muhammad Khan also appreciated the unlimited and fruitful talent in both visual and performing fields in the country.  

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