Examination Policy announced by various Varsities


In response to Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) decision regarding online examination, few of the universities have announced their examination policy. Punjab University (PU) has taken the lead by notifying all its enrolled students to be prepare for traditional and MCQ based online examination. The notification further said that if the universities are opened prior to August 23, 2020 then traditional exams will be conducted. Otherwise, PU shall conduct online examination based on MCQs. PU is yet to announce the policy as per guidelines of HEC, however, the notification has served the purpose of informing to all its students and teachers.

One of the officials of PU said that online policy has been shared with Academic Council, once the approval has been made, the policy will be sent to HEC for its final approval and circulation. Furthermore, University of Baltistan, Skardu has also announced their examination and assessment policy. The policy has been shared with HEC as it consists of assessment criteria, marking, scheduling and SOPs of examination. However, the university has requested HEC to approve physical examination as they would like to conduct it under strict SOPs and social distancing protocols during 6th July to 14th July.

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