Exam regulator reveals their plans for GSCE exams

Following the footsteps of Cambridge and similar international board, GSCE decides to cancel their examinations due to the pandemic of Corona Virus. England’s exam regulator has revealed that the student ought to have grades based on the metric of their past performance, class positioning and the past presentation of their schools, the test regulator for England has reported.


Ofqual, which supervises schools’ and college’s open assessments, set up a new framework to grant grades after the administration abandoned this present summer's examination due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent school terminations, which are probably going to stay for the remainder of the year.


The aforementioned framework will influence around 1.5 million students’ education during the current year's GCSEs, A-levels and AS-levels in England, just as numerous in Wales. Details and context are still unclear for those taking BTec and professional or other specialized courses at schools and universities. 


Specialists like Jo Grady, the secretary-general of University and Colleges Union, has warned that depending on instructor evaluations is probably be unfair to students from hindered foundations.


There in this system of grading still persists a lot of disagreement but during the pandemic of Corona Virus but this nonetheless is the best system we have available.


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