English education system in Pakistan drives society into classes: PM Imran Khan

On Wednesday, Premier of Pakistan Imran Khan said that English education system has driven the society into various categories. Addressing a ceremony concerning the distribution of prizes among students of seminaries, the PM said that Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has placed supreme weight on looking for knowledge.

He said that the lack of education is the only reason for the fall of Muslims and that Pakistanis are not acquainted with Islamic history whereas Islam teaches us the lesson of goodness and humanity.

The Premier of Pakistan Imran Khan highlighted the importance of Iqbaliat( Philosophy of great poet Allama Iqbal) and suggested to make it the mandatory part of education. 

He added that our government will make some reforms in the education system so that downtrodden and deprived people could equally get the opportunity to develop. PM Imran Khan has also revealed that with the collaboration of Turkey and Malaysia, Pakistan will launch an English language channel to represent the stance of Muslims. Launching an English channel for the Muslims would be the first step ever taken in the history of the Muslim world.


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