Elections 2018; Here is what Pakistani Youth Thinks about it

The General Election 2018 is just around the corner and political parties of Pakistan are announcing their manifestos including the plans which are just the dreams of Pakistani nation. These sugar-coated manifestos lack what the modern educated youth of Pakistan demands.

Gone are the days when politics and election were the matters of the elder citizen of the country. Those were the days when an elder of the family decided which party to cast the vote. The youth of the family and the country, on the broader context, did not question the performance manifestos of these political parties.

Time changed and the youth, which makes more than half of Pakistani population, started taking interest in the politics and elections of Pakistan. A huge number of youngsters contested the elections in the past decade which highly contrasts with the election contesters’ age, as compared to the previous elections. However, the youth demands what suits Pakistan’s interest the best.

Here are a few fundamental demands which the young generation of the era should ask for.


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Education has always been the top priority of every political party but limited to their manifestos only. Pakistan is one of the most education-deprived countries in the world where around 25 million children do not go to schools at all. The basic educational skeleton of Pakistan is one of the poorest and weakest skeletons in the world and this system is needed to be revised and improved immediately. The governments which have been responsible to improve the educational sector did not pay any attention after winning the election. This time, the educated and politically aware youth of Pakistan is demanding the government to impose emergency in the education sector make Pakistan eligible to stand in the row of advanced countries.

Water and Dam Construction

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The water crisis is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan, or probably, the biggest problem at the moment. Without water, the existence of humans will be in danger and Pakistan is one of the top countries which will be affected by environmental changes. The dam issue was raised on all platforms of social media and Pakistani youth was the torch bearer in this regard. To run this cause in an effective manner, the youth should cast their votes to the parties who have on the top of their manifestos.

Plantation and Forestation

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The increasing temperature and environmental changes in the country should be one of the top priorities of the all the political parties of Pakistan but unfortunately, the declining environment and atmosphere is not a concern of the politicians. The mega projects in the megacities result in the cutting of trees and running the environment. Pakistan needs billions of trees if it wants to make the country habitable for the upcoming generations.

World Class Healthcare

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The situation of health care is worst among the South Asian countries and no Pakistani hospital in include in top 5000 hospitals of the world. Pakistan produces one of the finest doctors and healthcare staff in the world but little to no budget of healthcare in the country push the Pakistanis among poor healthcare receiving countries. It is the time that the government raise the healthcare standards for Pakistanis and the youth is demanding the world best healthcare system in the country.

Respect for Green Passport

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You might have seen the video or images of Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, taking off his clothes on J.F. Kennedy airport in America just because he was a Pakistani. If green passport brings this much disrespect and disgrace to a prime minister, imagine what it would do to the common Pakistanis. The state should take measures to improve and revive the lost trust of Pakistani passport so that no Pakistani should face humiliation in this regard.

Employment and Lesser Taxes

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The unemployment rate in Pakistan is quite high and millions of people have no source of income. The unemployment leads to crimes and disturbance in the society. The government should immediately produce jobs for the people and invest in the industrial sector to lower the unemployment rate.  

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