Education Ministry introduces objective of blended-e-learning

A vision of Blended-e-learning has been initiated under the idea provoked by Imran Khan. In this regard a contract was signed between Federal Directorate of Education, Knowledge Platform, Tele Taleem and Robotics Mea. Shafqat Mehmood has said that the digital and blended learning was the future. Futher he added: "With schools all over the world, redesigning because of COVID-19, blends learning is becoming the new normal. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training as part of its response strategy to COVID-19 is piloting blended learning project to assist students and teachers in ensuring learning continuity,"

He showed the importance of this project and assured that this project will be replicated at nationwide at national level.  Robotics kits, IOT kits will be implemented to meet the STEM education all over country. It is also the part of project to set discovery innovation labs at school level. This project is expected to execute in August 2021.



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