Dr. Mehreen Faruqi Becomes the First Pakistani Lady Senator in Australia

A Pakistan-born Mehreen Faruqi has become the first female Muslim member to be appointed to the Australian Senate on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

Moreover, Mehreen Faruqi becomes a doctorate in environmental engineering and now a senator too, from the Greens Party Member of Parliament for New South Wales. Dr. Faruqi migrated from Pakistan to Australia in 1992 with her family.

Dr. Faruqi spoke in her leaving speech to the NSW parliament on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, that she had endured the toxic, racist and sexist trolling in her time as an “MP” (Member of Parliament).  She further said that no one did it just on what I am doing, but because of my original nationality that who I am, and what the color of my skin.  

In addition, Dr. Faruqi said to the BBC that she is excited to bring “much-needed diversity” to Canberra while adding that she hoped her presence would encourage non-white Australians.

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