Does Urdu Fiction retain for the Youth?

Does Urdu Fiction retain for the Youth?

The Translation of literary works is a very difficult task and lost its originality due to the ignorance of its original texts. Numbers of things have been lost in the orbits of translation. The destruction of the original text is raised when the translator can’t make a difference between both the languages. This could have happened when the translator is good in both languages and ignores the cultural differences between both languages. There is a number of differences in a language like the ideas, meanings, and nuances while when the language is translated, it would be important to focus more on these things and also can be changed the beauty of the linguistic world.

Culture kept a strong grip on the language and its every notion depends on the cavity of culture. Culture is the introducer of a language because the culture is who revealed the efficiency of the language. When a translator can’t focus on these differences of language translation, it could be hard to purify the impure substances from the categories of linguistic beauty. When the culture of the original book is ignored under the process of translation then it would be highly predictable that the originality has demolished.

Some translators focus only on the paraphrasing the sentences and make a dialogue form whereas they grabbed their eyes from the inventing of new phrases and specialize idioms. This change has common in translational studies of the language.  When a reader feels fresh from his translated readings then it must be said that the translation is going in the appropriate way. Basic sense is one of the best ways to translate one language to another language. These senses are not applied for the translation of fiction and poetry and have ignored by the translators.

Poetry is based on the composition of three major things; one is metaphors, second is images, and the third one is symbols. These things are dependent on the efficient features of the culture while when the translator fails to identify these perspectives of the poetry. Urdu anthologies are mixing nowadays but Amina Azfar is one of the good compiler, and a good translator too. She has known with cultural diversity and its variations. She revealed the good senses in Urdu fictional works like as in Manto anthologies. She becomes cognizant about the cultural diversities and many critiques had appreciated on this act. Azfar selected such stories which are less commercialized and provoked to the fictional world.  She did strong efforts for the succession of the Urdu anthology. 

Amina Azfar retained the actuality and the reality of Urdu Literature as she could change the plot, settings, and characters but she can’t do it because of the success of culture.  Eastern and Western culture are more gapped from one another and it should not mix with one another. East and West have their own sections and it’s important to avoid the mixing of these cultures. 

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