Does Law prevent students from sexual harassment?


In the last week, many female students of Karachi raised their voice on social media platform against the corollary of sexual harassment at the hands of administrators and their own teachers. Every student wants to have confirmed from the concrete policies against these sorts of abusing. This scenario would have analyzed the weaknesses and the strength of our country disciples.

Many federal and provincial policies have been secured from the criminal activists such as child abusers but it has flopped in schools. In a recent time, a child has been captured between the cruel hands of this criminal act and he would get justice if the legislators will directly grab the criminal on such a sinful act. 

  The Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) had been addressed to the whole country that the expounding of this act is criminalized and will not be tolerated. Section 509 declared that this act as criminalize and kept the reason for the punishment.     

At present, through the Second Amendment Act of 2016, Section 377-A of the PPC was interjected to criminalize sexual harassment on individual less than 18 years of age.

Consequently, when a child victimizes from sexual abuse then he should quickly file the case on the accused person under that section of child abusing. A child would fire FIR on the accused person in the sexual abusing case with the provision of Pakistan Penal Code. He would easily record the statement in a police station under section 164. The FIR would have never stopped in any excuse; if it happens then the case will be prejudiced. There would nothing to delay in that case. Evidence would be required for the validity of the crime.

Every suspect would have analyzed with the eagle eye of PPC and nothing would be neglected in these kinds of serious issues.

Here the law ignores when it can’t criminalize sexual harassment by caretakers and teachers because this kind of rule didn’t pass for the security of children. The CCTV of Law only placed in the confines of outside but they have no idea that how much insecurity is here.

A school should under the 328-A section of PPC if it doesn’t give at least one-year punishment to the culpable individual.       

Women harassment is one of the big issues in all over the world. There is no favorable working place for the women. Every woman is suppressive due to the ill environment of working class.

Sexual harassment is not only based on women but children are also the prey of it. In US school system a big percentage of children are abused by other school members. So, the government should protect the weaker group than the stronger one. It should protect schools and make its environment more comfortable.    

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