Diversity and Peace, an international conference in Karachi University

A two day international conference on “Diversity and Peace: Challenges for the Social Discourse” was launched in Karachi University in which the agenda of academics and intellectuals’ contribution in bringing the diverse sections of the society closer was discussed. 
The conference aims at peace and tolerance between all the diverse groups present in the society and promote mutual understanding. 
Many scholars contributed and spoke to the conference and urged the people to bring diverse groups closer and create an environment of harmony and peace instead of creating distances and walls.
“Academicians and intellectuals have a leading role in encouraging dialogue among different sections of society,” Punjab University Professor Emeritus Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi expressed in his address during the opening session of the conference. 
“This conference will not only strengthen the ideology of Pakistan but will also unleash the process of meaningful academic discourse which can positively transform the mindset of our people and bring a qualitative change in our society, through a meaningful research in the field of social sciences,” expressed University of Karachi’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Ajmal Khan. 
Other international scholars from China, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany were also present in the conference. 

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