Danish Schools begin to open after a month closure

The entire world went to shut down mode in the space of last few months. Denmark is now the first European country to begin reopening its schools. The situation of Corona Virus is not improving as rapidly one wishes, therefore, some of the schools have requested more time to adjust themselves with health protocols. Nevertheless, 35% of the schools are being opened by April 20 as they were closed since March 12.

The government announced that schools will be reopened only on meeting standard requirements for curbing the COVID – 19. The schools are required to urge their students to wash hands regularly and maintain a distance of at least 2 meters in classrooms, washrooms and break times. The parents have conflicting views pertaining to the reopening of schools as one of the petition has reaped 18,000 signatures till date. Austria is another example of following a similar model. It has allowed small shops to open up while maintaining social distancing rules strictly. The entire Europe plans to keep schools, cafeterias and restaurants closed until the mid of May.

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