Dangerous attributes our institutions are producing: Sherry Rehman

Islamabad: Sherry Rehman, who is the political leader of Pakistan People Party (PPP) stated on Wednesday that National University of Science and Technology(NUST) should cancel the degree of a student who recommended columnist Gul Bukhari be tormented sexually.

After the kidnapping and freedom of journalist and  social media activist Gul Bukhari, many people had raised their voice for her support while a user named Mursaleen had tweeted that “Sexual torment would be excellent for this s***”

His commentary was captured by lawyer and human rights activist Nighat Dad who attached a screenshot of another tweet in which Mursaleen had posted saying: About to graduate, Last Day at NUST, Engineer”.

Then, Nighat Dad had tweeted “MashaAllah he is graduating today from NUST”. She criticized his post he had tweeted. She highlighted the hate speech of Mursaleen which he had posted before the day of graduation.

Mursaleen Tweet had been viral soon and come to Senator Sherry Rehman who suggested that university should revoke the degree of an individual for the hate speech.

Sherry Rehman had tweeted and suggested to NUST and PTI to move against the student and revoke the degree for the hate speech.   

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